Our Story

           Hello Kings and Queens! Welcome to Nsoromma Hair. My name is Esther Joseph. I am a natural hair enthusiast and self taught hair stylist. I started Nsoromma Hair as a hair styling and braiding business in June 2020. As it began to grow, I decided to expand into haircare and apparel. 

          I am Canadian born with Trinidadian and Grenadian roots. Growing up, my mother always took very good care of my hair. Never permed or relaxed and always styled neatly every week. At the age of 12, she decided that my hair was too thick and long for her to do anymore and that it was time I learned how to do my own hair. As much as it frustrated me, it allowed me to develop a skill that would birth a business. 

           By the time I was in high school, hairstyles like Senegalese twists and Box braids with becoming a bigger trend. I would want my hair styled like that but I didn't have the money to pay someone to do it; so I learned how. I wanted videos on YouTube, bought the hair and did Box braids in my head. That following Monday, I received so many compliments at school. I would continue to develop my skills and practice styling my sisters hair. 

         Once in university, I continued to do odd hair jobs here and there and practice on my friends/ roommates. After about 2 years of my friends saying I should go into business, I decided to start Nsoromma Hair; the name being apart of the Bono Adrinka Symbol "Osram ne Nsroromma" meaning "Moon and Star".  Star is also what my name means. As my business started to grow, I was having these ideas of how to grow and change the natural hair community.  

         I started with the idea to sell satin lined hoodies. Especially living in Canada, the cold whether can be very harsh and harmful to my hair. I wanted to be able to protect it and retain its length and moisture. Regular sweaters cause friction with causes breakage. But, our satin lined hoodie reduce breakage by eliminating friction between the hoodie and your hair all together. And they are soooooo warm. Perfect for combatting Canadian falls and winters. 

          I then started developing my own hair care line. This honestly came about by accident. The products I was using before were not helping me grow my hair. So I started doing some research about Ayuerdic herbs being used for hair growth as well as proper techniques to wash and style hair. After 2 months using my oil I saw significant growth and thickest in my hair and it only grew faster. Then I started making products to add to my regimen. When I saw my hair flourish, I knew I needed to share my secrets with the world. Since its launch, many of our consumers have experience thicker, longer, healthier hair and we are just getting started.

        My goal is that every costumer, whether they be purchasing, a hair product, a hoodie, a hair accessory or all three feel like their crown is being cherished. Wear your crowns proudly Kings and Queens.