Ultimate Moisture Hair Bundle

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The Nsoromma Hair Ultimate Moisture Hair Bundle includes: 

  • Honey Herb Deep Conditioner
  • Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil 
  • Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner 
  • Whipped Chebe Hair Butter 

About our Honey Herb Deep Conditioner

Nsoromma Hair Honey Herb Deep Conditioner is moisturizing and perfect for all hair types. Use it to detangle while in the shower. It provides a slip & softness without leaving your curls weighed down.

We offer two options of deep conditioner; low porosity deep conditioner and high porosity deep conditioner 

About our Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil

Our Ayurvedic hair growth oil is a multi-use oil blend infused with Ayurvedic powders, Chebe powder and a mixture of herbs that help promote hair growth, moisturizes and softens the hair strand for stronger, longer hair. Our oil is lightweight and does not leave the hair feeling greasy or weighed down. This oil has so many conditioning properties that help relieve itchy, dry scalp, improve length retention and soften the hair. A little goes a long way! 

About our Hibiscus and Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner 

Nsoromma Hair Hibiscus and Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner HYDRATES, NOURISHES, & DEFINES your crown of curls. It's made with horsetails and fenugreek extract. These herbs are high in iron, protein, and collagen, which are essential nutrients for hair growth. Also includes our Ayurvedic Hair Oil to help prevent breakage, moisturizes and hydrates the hair, as well as prevents frizz and helps define your curls. Look forward to healthier, stronger hair!  Excellent for all hair types

About our Whipped Chebe Hair Butter 

Nsoromma Hair Whipped Chebe Butter is perfect for length retention. The Chebe infused butter is smooth and melts right in your hair. It also seals the moisture from any products put into your hair. This butter can be incorporated into your LCO or LOC hair moisturizing regimen. It also promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair. 

Keep room temperature or cool dry areas to keep from melting.